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VLF Wood Veneers: The Company was started by an older brother who even as a child has displayed certain talent on creative artisan works. He graduated from a technical school and right after he worked in a foreign-owned integrated wood working plant which produces solid and wood panel based product for export. The short-lived employment in Manila opened opportunities to be present in many technical meetings concerning wood working projects. Disagreements over promises lead him to work on his own. Divine intervention help to find his way because people who knew him before began to consult him on interior design, furniture and fixtures, etc. The preoccupation in the field, outpouring capital and credit supports contributed to make up his mind to bring his brothers and cousin together and decided to join forces. Thus, VLF Wood Veneers was officially born on March 2, 2002.

At present VLF Wood Veneers has two existing plants with a combine area of 2,000 sq. meters. Both of them are located at Brgy. San Isiro, Taytay Rizal with Veneering Office at Lot 11 Noli Pascual St. Gregoria Heights Subdivision. In the same place the second floor is used to store wood veneers while the first floor is where all face veneering activities are done, except edge trimming and surface preparation.

Company Overview

VLF WOOD VENEERS (VLF) started its business as a trader of veneers to various veneered construction projects. Envisioned to expand its services, the Company was officially established and organized in March 2002 to engage in the manufacture of Decorative Wood Veneers, an alternative to solid wood which is an essential component to modern living. Its manufacturing plant and main office area is located at No.46 E. Rodriguez Avenue Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay Rizal.

The Company specializes in the manufacture of veneered furniture components. It is also engaged in the fabrication of wooden door clad with veneer and various sash works, design and fabrication of tailored fit furniture with marquetry design for various establishments as well as residential and wood veneer installation and finishing.

VLF is manned by experts in the industry with total consolidated experience of over 45 years, earned from previous employments and exposure to a variety of projects. The name behind the Company is derived from the initials of Mr. Victor L. Flores, who selflessly commits to provide the industry with high quality but affordable wood veneering products.

Company Aspiration

  • To further equip the capability of our key officers to handle technical issues in the negotiation and execution of projects.
  • To raise the level of the state of the art technology, search for cheaper and high quality supplies
  • To remain as competitive as always in the field.
  • To share new acquired technique and creative application of the product.
  • To quickly respond and attend to legitimate complaint and practice flexibility and tolerance whenever possible.
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